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Originally from Montreal, Julie and Marie-Michelle are the style makers behind Minou Kids. Friends since before they could talk, they grew up sharing a love for fashion, travel, and entrepreneurship.

The friends now both live in Vermont, and their inspiration for Minou Kids comes from raising their own: Julie has a son Leo (5) and a daughter Ella (3); and Marie-Michelle has a son, Felix (3). With sweet muses and never enough time to shop at all the stores they love, they found their mission for Minou Kids: a one-stop shop for the best emerging designers in kids clothing and accessories.

Together, they love every aspect of running Minou Kids, and they’re constantly trying to improve the Minou Kids experience.

“Minou Kids is fueled by the individual stories and mission of the designers and small companies that are featured on the site. We love each anecdote of their inspirations, their families and their dedication to high quality.”

~ Julie & Mimi

We feature 50+ brands from our favorite Designers. Only the cutest, coolest kids’ clothes.

A Little Lovely Company
A Mini Penny
Anaïs & I
baby DEGEN
Baby Jives Co
Bangbang Copenhagen
Beau Loves
Electrik Kidz
Emile & Ida

Gardner and the Gang
Go Gently Baby
Goodnight Light
Hazel Village
Hugo Loves Tiki
Kid + Kind
Le petit M

Mini Dressing
Miann & Co.
Mini Rodini
Modern Burlap
Munster Kids
Oli & Carol
Organic Zoo
Petit Peony
Prjona Plym
Rebecca Kiff

Rylee and Cru
Sew Heart Felt
Shanna Murray
State Bags
Tane Organics
the little vikings
We Might Be Tiny
Wee Gallery
Woodstock London

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Minou Kids

Our Mission

‘Minou’ means ‘kitten’ in French. When you tell a kid that he is “un petit minou,” it means he’s just adorable…and maybe a little bit naughty.

At Minou Kids we’re on a mission: To make finding the very best in kids clothing and accessories effortless (and incredibly fun) for you. We hand-pick our favorite styles from top designers, and search high and low to find small, undiscovered, and up-and-coming boutique brands–so you don’t have to!

We know our favorites will become yours.

We also know that finding just the right gift for your favorite kid, or the newest baby in your life, means splurging on something unique and useful that will delight their mom too, and show just how much you care. From our monthly Pop-Up Shops featuring original finds, to our carefully curated Gift Ideas, you’ll find so many things to love

We never tire of talking about ‘minou’ clothes for kids, and we always want your questions, comments and suggestions. Tell us what you like–because you have exceptional taste!

We think you’re extraordinary,
Julie & Mimi


Photographer : Kimberly M. Wang / eardog