Mom boss, Eleanor Cullen, is the brains behind “We Might Be Tiny” and our savior at the meal time messes! Her passion for designing a placemat that is not only functional, and also looks good as home decor is on point! The “placies” are non-slip so your little one can practice eating without dinner ending up on the floor! They are also non-toxic, food grade silicone. Best of all? The placies are dishwasher safe! Although- they are SO adorable it’s hard to have them hide in the dishwasher for even an hour!

These placemats come in a variety of colors that are modern, minimalistic, and marvelous. Eating inside? Eating outside? Doesn’t matter- take this with you in or outdoors.  We might be tiny…but we have a big appetite for these amazing placemats!

Bears Placie by We Might Be Tiny




It’s hard to pick one with all the beautiful colors, we know!

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