Jennifer Admon, the creator of the mini-malistic brand Huxbaby, is a Melbourne-based mother who creates modern and eco-friendly clothing for kids. We are so in love with her organic and stylish collection, and we couldn’t be more excited to be featuring her on our blog today as our Extraordinary Woman of the week! Read on to find out what makes Jennifer such an inspiring woman.

We absolutely love your clothes that you design. How would you describe your own style? Has it changed since becoming a mother?

I would describe my style as simple, comfortable and minimal. I think since becoming a mother I have become a lot more practical in what I chose!

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration comes from my everyday in Melbourne (Australia) as well as from trips overseas to Paris and New York usually twice a year.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned so far as a mother? Proudest moment?

Don’t sweat the small stuff! And to just take everyday as it comes. My proudest moment would be when my little girl Zoe first started walking–it was the cutest!

How has your career impacted being a mother? How has being a mother impacted your career?

Being a mother and juggling work with motherhood has definitely taught me a lot about time management. Planning ahead is how I manage to stay on top of everything (and a good cup of coffee!).

How do you find time for yourself, and what are your favorite self care activities?

My favourite thing to do is to relax in a warm bubbly bath with a cup of hot Earl Grey tea.

If you were to pull out your handbag right now, what are some of the must-have items we would find inside?

 Iphone, lip gloss and nappies!

Shop our favorite Huxbaby styles below!


1. Bunny Knit Cardigan

2. Dalmatian Swirl Dress

3. High Cuff X Pants

4. Woven Dress in Pink

5. Mouse Sweatshirt

6. Summer Ballet Dress