The newest collection from Huxbaby has landed at Minou Kids and we are overwhelmed with joy! Huxbaby is known for their gorgeous, minimalist clothing for kids with “adult style,” and their latest collection does not disappoint. Filled to the brim with sustainably made, organic cotton playsuits, cardigans, dresses and more, every item is bound to be become your kids’ favorite.

Take a look at some of our favorite new pieces below!


Mouse Playsuit by Huxbaby

Mouse tulle skirt by Huxbaby

Woven Dress in Pink and Woven Dress in Grey by Huxbaby.


Shop it all here before it’s gone!


1. Mouse Playsuit

2. Stripe Frill Top

3. Summer Ballet Dress

4. Woven Dress in Pink

5. Bunny Knit Cardigan

6. Mouse Pants

7. Mouse Sweatshirt

Remember, simplicity is EVERYTHING when showing them off!