(Image Source: @Scoutthecity)

Being a parent is a constant learning experience. From the first time they cry as a baby to the day they go off on their own to school, we’re in a non-stop ebb and flow of learning and growing with our littles. Their curiosity for the world around them and the love they share with themselves and others, is something that never ceases to amaze us. To start this week off we decided to put together five of the things that we can learn from our children!

1. Live in the moment. Being an adult is hard. As we grow up, we start to worry more about the future and look back at the past, sometimes with feelings of guilt or regret. But children live in the present. The sadness they may have felt yesterday is erased overnight, and they enjoy every second of every day without thinking twice.

2. Don’t worry about what other people think. Children are the best at being themselves without a care in the world. A striped bathing suit and polkadot snow pants all in one outfit? Sure, why not. They express themselves freely and never worry about what other people may think, because they simply don’t have to.

3. Be forgiving. Forgiveness is a hard lesson to learn, but children do it really, really well. With the exception of an hour-long resentment towards a sibling or friend over the last juice box in the fridge, kids know how to forgive and forget. Anger isn’t something they hold on to, at least not for long.

4. Think creatively. When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it, no strings attached? Kids are the absolute best at using their imaginations to think and be creative. Whether it’s through painting, writing, or any other form of self expression, they never let anyone hold them back from sharing their ideas.

5. Don’t let fear hold you back. Fear is something that holds all of us back from time-t0-time, but that’s never the case with our kids. Failure is an outcome that is rarely in the back of a child’s mind. They try new things and push boundaries without worrying about an outcome.

Tell us some lessons you’ve learned from your children in the comments below!