Earth Day gave us a nice reminder of why sustainable fashion is so important to us!

Mini Rodini caught our eye because of their promise to be sustainable and environmentally conscious throughout all of their products. This is fashion you can feel good about for your minis. Mini Rodini uses certified organic and recycled materials. It doesn’t stop there…Mini Rodini goes beyond the materials they use, and they explain why sustainability is a crucial part of their business.

“We work hard to implement these values in everything we do, from company culture to the initial design phase, the cotton fields, supply chains and transportation all the way to the end-consumer. We are proud to be working towards ensuring that our products have a lower impact on the environment, and that the people making our products are healthy and paid fairly”.

Lion Frill Dress by Mini Rodini. Lion Frill Dress by Mini Rodini. 

Lion Sweatshirt by Mini Rodini. 

Lion Sweatpants by Mini Rodini. 

Lion Long Sleeve Body by Mini Rodini. 

Lion Long Sleeve Body by Mini Rodini. 

We are proud to have Mini Rodini among our family of brands. What’s not to love when combining fashion and sustainability?  It is so important to teach this to the minis of our world!


Julie + Mimi