(Photo Via: 20 Something)

Now that the madness of the holidays are over and it’s a new year, we’re ready to tackle some of those resolutions we made (and let’s be honest, sometimes dread), starting with a closet clean out for both bigs and littles! And since there’s another snowstorm on it’s way here in the Northeast, this is the perfect activity to do when you’re trapped in the house for the whole day.

Start by taking everything out of your closet or dresser drawers, and fold them into piles as you go, noting first whether an item still fits or is seasonally appropriate before beginning the big purge of what you (or your kids) hate and love. When it comes to our kids, we tend to save even those adorable tiny swim trunks or sundresses that are both not in season and no longer fit our always-growing-littles, because, well, they’re just so cute! Try instead to focus on letting go and donating those items that you know your kids will likely never wear again (and the same goes for you–it’s time to finally part with that piece in your closet that you’ve had for years and swear you will wear someday).

There are tons of organizations that are always looking for new or lightly worn clothing, especially during this time of year. Stop by your local Goodwill in your area (or call) to find out what they need the most of. Dress for Success is another great place to donate womens workwear. Take a look through their site and you will fall in love with their mission to empower women by giving them the tools (and attire!) they need to be successful and economically independent. Big Brothers Big Sisters is also a favorite of ours for donating children’s clothes, and they’re located all over the US–you can even schedule a pickup at your house!

Let us know your favorite organizations to donate clothing, and any closet clean out tips you may have!