Kids Style

Rylee and Cru

Do you know who? Rylee & Cru!

Do you know why? We are saying bye-bye to the summer sky!

Do you know where? Minou Kids, where you’re always treated with care!

This collection is the reason we are ready to say goodbye summer, and hello Fall. Rylee and Cru is our dream come true!

Fox Sweatshirt by Rylee & Cru.

Fox Sweatpants by Rylee & Cru.  Folk Bird Dress by Rylee & Cru.

Jax Shirt Dress by Rylee & Cru.    Jax Shirt Dress by Rylee & Cru.  Folk Bird Dress by  Rylee & Cru.  Fox Dress by Rylee & Cru.

 Tulip Alice Dress by Rylee & Cru.   Forest Sweatshirt by Rylee & Cru.  Explore Henley by Rylee & Cru.

Check Button Shirt Dress by Rylee & Cru.

Fall, we welcome you with open arms!

Love Always,

Mimi + Julie

Kids Style

Kid + Kind

We are kind-of OBSESSED with the Uniform Stripe Woven Dress by Kid+Kind.  The color of the diagonal stripes is on point! The added detail of the red soaring bird has us wanting to keep it on all summer long. See for yourself below: Uniform Stripe Woven Dress by Kid+Kind

We are having so much fun being able to show you our favorite clothes while playing with our kids in the summer sun! Hope you are enjoying your 2017 summer with the kiddos!



Kids Style

Water Panacea

Panacea = “a solution or remedy for all difficulties”. Water is our remedy for summer because it cures the soul. If your kids are cranky, bored, or hot- just get to the nearby watering hole. They will play in it for hours on end. It’s just magical.

Add a pool toy to the mix and you probably won’t hear from them all day!

We had fun with this photo shoot. The Moujik Swimsuit by tinycottons added to our splash of a day.  Put them in a cute suit and wash away you worries mamas!    Moujik Swimsuit by tinycottons

Cheers to the last leg of summer, and all of our water babies!