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Mom boss, Eleanor Cullen, is the brains behind “We Might Be Tiny” and our savior at the meal time messes! Her passion for designing a placemat that is not only functional, and also looks good as home decor is on point! The “placies” are non-slip so your little one can practice eating without dinner ending up on the floor! They are also non-toxic, food grade silicone. Best of all? The placies are dishwasher safe! Although- they are SO adorable it’s hard to have them hide in the dishwasher for even an hour!

These placemats come in a variety of colors that are modern, minimalistic, and marvelous. Eating inside? Eating outside? Doesn’t matter- take this with you in or outdoors.  We might be tiny…but we have a big appetite for these amazing placemats!

Bears Placie by We Might Be Tiny




It’s hard to pick one with all the beautiful colors, we know!

You can buy a Placie Here.

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The Loveliest of all was the unicorn!
It’s unicorns galore in the magical Minouverse!  This alluring creature of timeless beauty has captured imaginations across the ages and is as stylish as ever! It’s a good thing, too because at Minou Kids we simply cannot get enough!
Visit our sweet Unicorn Shop to find that special something for that special someone: From whimsical capes and costumes, sweet swimsuits, snuggly softies, dreamy onesies and a porcelain necklace for big girls, there’s a unicorn for everyone.
Adorn those little ones in the magic of unicorns!
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By Nina Griffin