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Gardening With Our Minis on Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2017,) we wanted to share gardening projects we are doing with our minis! The projects involve 3 easy steps: recycling, painting, and planting!

We were inspired by two different looks that use recycled containers we all have in our homes. If you want to go the minimalistic route, you can follow the first photo from Enter My Attic. What kid doesn’t like to paint? Use white paint to design your favorite recycled pots. Let it dry, then let your little one plant their favorite seeds inside! To get the look mix and match clay pots, old coffee mugs, and mason jars.

The second route has a pop of color from Outdoor Areas. This has the same idea as above but now we are recycling cans, spray painting them, letting them dry, and planting the seedlings!

Let the whole family pitch in, even the little ones who tend to get messy, that’s half the fun.

Happy Earth Day darlings! And if you would like more information about Earth Day and how you can get involved, visit the Earth Day Network.


Julie + Mimi


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How To Really Love a Child

We think that this is the recipe for a happy life.


Julie and Mimi xoxo


Be there. Say yes as often as possible. Let them bang on pots and pans. If they’re crabby, put them in water. If they’re unlovable, love yourself. Realize how important it is to be a child. Go to a movie theater in your pajamas. Read books out loud with joy. Invent pleasures together. Remember how really small they are. Giggle a lot. Surprise them. Say no when necessary. Teach feelings. Heal your own inner child. Learn about parenting. Hug trees together. Make loving safe. Bake a cake and eat it with no hands. Go find elephants and kiss them. Plan to build a rocketship. Imagine yourself magic. Make lots of forts with blankets. Let your angel fly. Reveal your own dreams. Search out the positive. Keep the gleam in your eye. Encourage silly. Plant licorice in your garden. Open up. Stop yelling. Express your love. A lot. Speak kindly. paint their tennis shoes. Handle with caring.

Children are miraculous.


PHOTO: Mary LaurenHeaded Somewhere Blog


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How to get back into a routine after the holidays

Late night parties, sugar, and toys galore. We don’t know about you but holiday festivities always find a way to mess up our nighttime routine. Once school started we had tired and cranky kiddos. We knew something had to change. If we know one thing: a routine is important for kids. It helps them know what is expected of them to grow into successful adults.

We searched the web for a good idea to help us get back on track and start the new year right and we found this project. In our opinion it is the easiest (if it’s not easy and quick it’s not for us) and the most fun!

We bought some simple clocks, and color coded 4:00- 5:30, 5:30- 6:30, 6:30-7:00, 7:00-7:30, and 7:30-8. We explained to our littles what each color means. 4:00- 5:30 is colored blue = playtime, 5:30- 6:30 is pink = dinner and family time, 6:30-7:00 is green = bath/pajamas/brush teeth, 7:00-7:30 is purple= story time, and 7:30-8 is orange= bedtime. You can make it as simple or complex as you want.


This gives a sense of responsibility and time management without having to tell your kids it’s bath time for the hundredth time!

And if your kids are early birds you can use the same clock for the morning routine. For example you can tell them that they have to stay in bed until the hand of the clock is in the green section. This way parents can sleep a little longer!

Now we’re off to setting goals for our own bedtime, that’s the real challenge!

Good luck with getting back on track and best wishes for 2017,


This project was inspired by Smart School House.