Just when it seems like it can’t get any colder here in the Northeast, it does! With many more snow days ahead this winter, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite indoor activities for when you just can’t bear the chill any longer (Photo: Polly Wreford Photography.)

1. Make cupcakes (with playdough)

Lay all of the “ingredients” out like you would for normal cupcakes, but instead of food, try using fun objects like a bowl of beads for flour, glitter or sequins for milk, and different colored balls of playdough for things like eggs or butter–get creative! Let your kids put all the “ingredients” in a bowl and mix it up with their hands, then roll into balls and place in cupcake liners to be decorated with candles on top! Swap out the playdough for Polymer Clay to keep your kids’ creations around long after the snow day is over.

Photo: Babble Dabbo Do

2. Do a Science Experiment

Have some fun in the kitchen and try your hand at this lemon volcano experiment. The materials are simple and the results are beautiful! Check out the rest of this site for more fun science experiment ideas for kids.

3. Put on a play

If your kids’ are more into playing with their imaginations than they are into crafts, have them act out their favorite children’s book or fairytale, or make up your own! Gather some props from around the house and make your own backdrop, then let your littles pick out their costumes for the big show. We have plenty of accessories in our shop to make your play a showstopper, like this sweet Play Crown by Henny and Coco and Sparkly Cat Ear Headband by Woodstock London.

Photo: Archzine

4. Make your own snow globes

This one is fun and easy–and you may already have the items you need around the house. All it requires is a glass jar with lid, hot glue and glue gun, glitter or beads, and some fun objects like small plastic toys or action figures. Heat up your glue gun while your littles pick out which items they want to use. Once you’re ready, stick the items onto the inside of the lid, let dry, then fill your jar with water, a bit of glycerin, and a dash of glitter for the cutest DIY snow globe! Check out this great tutorial here for more instructions.

5. Play in the snow…indoors!

Grab a tray or bin–anything large and flat will work–and scoop out a heaping of fresh snow. Fill spray bottles or small bowls with liquid watercolors and let your littles paint the town–er, snow–red! For added fun, gather up some sand shovels and molds for them to build rainbow snow castles.

Have fun!