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Gardening With Our Minis on Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2017,) we wanted to share gardening projects we are doing with our minis! The projects involve 3 easy steps: recycling, painting, and planting!

We were inspired by two different looks that use recycled containers we all have in our homes. If you want to go the minimalistic route, you can follow the first photo from Enter My Attic. What kid doesn’t like to paint? Use white paint to design your favorite recycled pots. Let it dry, then let your little one plant their favorite seeds inside! To get the look mix and match clay pots, old coffee mugs, and mason jars.

The second route has a pop of color from Outdoor Areas. This has the same idea as above but now we are recycling cans, spray painting them, letting them dry, and planting the seedlings!

Let the whole family pitch in, even the little ones who tend to get messy, that’s half the fun.

Happy Earth Day darlings! And if you would like more information about Earth Day and how you can get involved, visit the Earth Day Network.


Julie + Mimi


Kids Style

tinycottons Staples

“Style is eternal” in these super soft and durable pieces from the tinycottons collection. These are some incredibly cute staple items that the mini in your life needs!Style Is Eternal Towel Onepiece by tinycottons.Style Is Eternal Towel Onepiece by tinycottons.Years Bloomer- Pink by tinycottons.

Bow Ties High Socks by tinycottons.Bow Ties High Socks by tinycottons.Bow-Ties Dress by tinycottons.Moujik Face Pant by tinycottons.Love Knit Blanket by tinycottons. Moujik Face Relaxed Onepiece by tinycottons.



Kids Style

Gardner and the Gang
Life is all about keeping it fun, and Gardner and the Gang prints remind us of that everyday! Kristin Nystrom possesses the creativity behind this organic kids brand. Kristin is a mom and illustrator that is keen on incorporating friendship, love, and acceptance into her prints. She wanted to create clothes that her children absolutely adored!
After the first wash cycle, this line of clothing becomes butter soft. It’s so fresh and always has us laughing. We also love that it’s super easy to mix and match the prints together.
Now it’s your turn. Go ahead and have some fun browsing through the photos below! We guarantee Gardner and the Gang will brighten your day!
Minou_Feb_177657 copy
Minou_Feb_177598 copy  Minou_Feb_177630 copy   Minou_Feb_177680 copy
Minou_Feb_177692 copy
Minou_Feb_177694 copy
Minou_Feb_177709 copy
PHOTOS: Erica Allen