Kids Style

Kid + Kind

We are kind-of OBSESSED with the Uniform Stripe Woven Dress by Kid+Kind.  The color of the diagonal stripes is on point! The added detail of the red soaring bird has us wanting to keep it on all summer long. See for yourself below: Uniform Stripe Woven Dress by Kid+Kind

We are having so much fun being able to show you our favorite clothes while playing with our kids in the summer sun! Hope you are enjoying your 2017 summer with the kiddos!




State Bags

If you haven’t been acquainted with these new bags, what are you waiting for!!!

Here at Minou Kids, we love brands that have good stories behind them.  State Bags are the epitome of a great story. Scot and Jacq Tatelman are an extraordinary Brooklyn-based husband and wife team behind State Bags. In 2009 they founded Country Roads Foundation, a volunteer-based non-profit whose mission is to give inner city kids a chance to go to summer camp and guide them to college. After seeing countless children carrying their belongings in trash bags, Scot and Jacq launched State Bags, merging their compassionate philosophy with fashion. State Bags is a brand with a big purpose. For every bag purchased, State hand-delivers a backpack full of supplies to an American child in need. Has your heart exploded yet?

These bags have one more amazing trait. They make it easier on you! You finally don’t have to carry EVERYTHING!!! Your mini can help out in style and have a sense of responsibility.

Mini Kane Backpack- Cowboys by State Bags.

Mini Kane Backpack- Elephants by State Bags

Kane Backpack – Silver/ Rose Gold by State Bags






Kids Style

Water Panacea

Panacea = “a solution or remedy for all difficulties”. Water is our remedy for summer because it cures the soul. If your kids are cranky, bored, or hot- just get to the nearby watering hole. They will play in it for hours on end. It’s just magical.

Add a pool toy to the mix and you probably won’t hear from them all day!

We had fun with this photo shoot. The Moujik Swimsuit by tinycottons added to our splash of a day.  Put them in a cute suit and wash away you worries mamas!    Moujik Swimsuit by tinycottons

Cheers to the last leg of summer, and all of our water babies!